The Far Eastern Circus 予約受付開始!




Part fable, part modern chronicle,“The Far Eastern Circus” is a tale of mystic realism mirroring the heavens down on earth.

Littered with a pantheon of characters––Time Bomb Baby,The Knife Thrower,the Golden One,The Kingdom Come Kid––it follows the life of famed Japanese divinity Susanoo,the storm god, as he blasts his way through time and into the modern age.

Initially conceived as a huge circus performance, where each act reflects an emotion, it evolved by the final act of escaping the “straitjacket of reality,” into a saga that tracks Susanoo as he searches for the Goddess of the Cosmos. In his black-topped mystic thunderbird he drives (at a 1000 mph) through centuries to his destination, the Funhouse of Eternity, and where, in the Bliss Bar, he eventually spies his goddess divine. Of course, being the storm god he can’t control himself (a mouthful of eels, a disaster from head to heels). He’s Doom Boy, the rebel god, and everything near him burns. It is only after consulting with his sister Amaterasu, the sun goddess, that the hammers in his head are quietened and a sense of enlightenment, an awareness of who he is, dawns on him.Here is an updated myth, a time traveller’s log, a full circle of songs––a universe down on earth.

Music composed and arranged by Gota Yashiki and lyrics by Chris Mosdell.